Donating to Our Community - CBS

The Stocking Stuffing Elves charity was started a few years ago by two of my daughters friends.  They decided to ask friends and family for Stocking Stuffers to fill Christmas stockings for the less fortunate.  They filled 52 stockings the first year and donated them to a local womans shelter. 

Since then, their friends held the same event in different locations across the country.   My daughter, Jacquelyn, held one in Montreal last Christmas and donated them to a Children's Hospital.  It was a great success too! 

Garden Visions started The Stocking Stuffing Elves in our community in 2011  and we filled 79 stockings for boys and girls.  We collected donations from people in our community and friends and family.  The stockings were given to The Salvation Army and they made sure they were given to people in need. 

Thanks to all who helped with this charity! We look forward to continuing this in 2012.   Roxanne

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