On-Line Garden Design

Design Your Garden Online!  Here is How it Works:

You take photos and measurements of the area you want designed.  Take several photos from different angles to help us get a good visualization of the area.  Attach the photos in an email to roxanne@gardenvisions.ca.

Submitting your information and photos to us will allow us to determine if an on-line garden design will work for you.  We do not share your information with anyone.

Fill out and submit the questionnaire page.  This will inform us about your likes and dislikes, growing conditions in your area, how much sun\shade there is, etc.


To ensure we understand your goals, and to assist with choosing the right plants for your area, please complete the questionaire providing as much information as possible.    Click Here,


If we feel an on-line garden design will work for you, and you wish to purchase a design, we will mail you the following:

  • Pictures of the design.
  • Pictures of the design plan with the names of each plant.
  • Plan drawn to scale.  This may be hand drawn or done on computer.
  • Shopping list with plant material and quantities.
  • Planting instructions.
  • Soil requirements.

The cost of a design depends on the area(s) you want done.  This will be determined after we review photos and measurements of the area. We will then contact you with the price through email or phone and you can notify us with your decision.  We accept visa, mastercard or paypal.

Thank you for considering Garden Visions to help you create your Garden Visions.

Be sure to view Our Plans and Photo Gallery for Images.



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