To help us understand your goals and to select the right plants for your area please answer the following questionnaire as best you can

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Is the soil normally wet or dry?
Do the area have protection from the wind or is it in an open area?
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Where do snow clearing happen?  Will snow be shovelled\ploughed on top of plants?
Do you use salt for ice control in the winter? *
Do you prefer hot colours like reds oranges, and bright yellows or do you like cool colours such as blues, pinks, or light purples?
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What types of plants do you like?  Eg.  Evergreens, shrubs, annuals, perennials, etc.
Do you have any favourite plants?
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Would you like to attract birds and butterflies to your garden?
Would you like to have plants that give colour in the fall?
Would you like to have plants that provide winter interest?
Do you care for your garden yourself?
Do you want plants that are easy to maintain?
Would you like to have something in bloom from May to September?
Do you have trouble with insects such as slugs\snails
Is there a particular style you want for your garden? Some examples of different styles are:

English Garden

 Japanese Garden

Formal Style Garden 

Informal Style



Some Measurements to remember:

  • Width of property               
  • Distance from house to road
  • Walkway length
  • Walkway distance from house
  • Distance from ground to bottom of windows
  • Distance of existing beds
  • Size of new beds
  • Width of windows
  • Width between main door and windows


  There is no payment required until you decide if you want us to proceed with a design.