Garden Design

We focus on  the softscape  aspects of garden design:


Choosing the right plants for the right spot while considering climate, sun and shade exposure, soil conditions, blooming time, plant size and colour, growth rate, visual interest, and personal taste.

We design and install annual and perennial beds, rock gardens, and tree and shrub beds/borders.

We will personally work with you to create a garden design according to your likes and dislikes, your lifestyle and budget.  It is important to us to provide you with a functional design plan.


Following a garden consult and you wish to have a design done, we will take photos and measurements of your property and, by using a landscape software, we design plants right onto the photo so you will be able to visualize what your property will look like after the plants have time to grow.

A seperate photo of the plant plan, a list of the plant choices and quantity needed to complete the plan will be provided.. This will allow you to construct the garden yourself or, if you like, our qualified staff can implement the design for you.


Every Successful Garden Begins With a Good Plan!